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High precision molds

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High Precision Silicone Seal/Gasket by Liquid Silicone Rubber Injection Mold

Moulds For Dispensers Ask Price These molds are economically priced to suit the client' s budget constraints. These molds are manufactured by using premium quality tool steels at our ultramodern tool room facility.Janler is a premier plastic molder and mold manufacturer that has been based in northwest Chicago, Illinois, since For more than six decades Janler has set new standards for plastic injection molding and mold-making excellence.

With a highly experienced design and engineering team, Janler builds multi-cavity molds to exacting tolerances, providing the critical structural foundation for leading manufacturing companies to produce:.

Thousands of medical devices requiring high levels of precision and accuracy Tens of thousands of personal care products for the consumer packaging industry Hundreds of thousands of nutritional solutions and disposable pharmaceutical products for global healthcare markets Millions of electronic devices and container products Billions of plastic closures for global liquid-packaging markets. With full, in-house, plastic injection molding services, Janler has performed plastic contract manufacturing for a variety of companies, including numerous Fortune clients.

With a highly experienced design and engineering team, Janler builds multi-cavity molds to exacting tolerances, providing the critical structural foundation for leading manufacturing companies to produce: Thousands of medical devices requiring high levels of precision and accuracy Tens of thousands of personal care products for the consumer packaging industry Hundreds of thousands of nutritional solutions and disposable pharmaceutical products for global healthcare markets Millions of electronic devices and container products Billions of plastic closures for global liquid-packaging markets With full, in-house, plastic injection molding services, Janler has performed plastic contract manufacturing for a variety of companies, including numerous Fortune clients.

high precision molds

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American Mold Builders Association. Society of Plastics Engineers.Automotive Molds.

Molding High-Precision Parts In High-Cavitation Molds

Show More. Medical Molds. Precision Mold Making. Show more. Expert Plastic Mold Design. Concept to completion, all In-house. Plastic mold, plastic mold design, 3D prototyping, reverse engineering, tool making, CNC machining, tooling components, molding fitting, mold assembly, mold validation, injection molding, molding production, plastic part, plastic components, 2nd process, in-mold decoration, I ML, 2k molding, sub assembly, OEM, ODM, Olympic Mold offers a State of the Art manufacturing process and continuous professional consultation throughout your project.

From part design to mold making to final production. We are experienced, fast and affordable but above all we take great pride in the premium quality of our work.

Olympic Mould is ISO certified. Your Ideal Molding Partner. With nearly twenty years of experience, Olympic Mould leverages an extensive knowledge base to ensure successful product launches. We have served virtually every industry from the inception of our business. While we may not know your company yet, odds are we have been supporting your industry for years and look forward to the opportunity of working with you. Behind every successful project is a smart and talented team of engineers, armed with the latest and greatest tools and equipment, who work tirelessly to design and engineer the perfect product.

Medical Grade Plastics. We produce plastic parts for the pharmaceutical industry. Safe and Effective Medical Devices, Drug delivery devices, surgical tools, in-vitro diagnostics, orthopedics and other healthcare items. Contact us now to find out more about our Pharmaceutical Industry contract manufacturing capabilities. Learn more. Automotive plastics.

Olympic offers complete tooling, mold making, and plastic injection molding of high precision parts for the automotive industry.Normally tolerance on the plastic molding part is around 0. Plastic precision Connector-overmolding. The determination of the structure of the precision plastic mold is the key, and the overall structure is the embodiment of the final effect of the product: the determination of the overall structure of the mold, the determination of the gate system, the determination of the ejection system and the determination of the water transportation system, and others should be conducive to the post-processing orientation of the product.

What about the feeding problem? First of all, we will choose a reasonable injection scheme according to the structure, weight, volume, and cost of the product, which can meet the requirements of customers as well as the requirements of quality. Second, we will design in strict accordance with the injection design standards: the layout of the runner should be uniform, especially the size of the cross load surface of the main and sub runner, the shape and size of the gate.

What about the ejection problem? Firstly, we will determine the ejection mode according to product orientation and structure. Secondly, we will evaluate the ejection balance and coexist with other systems, such as interference with water transportation and recycling marks, date clock, etc.

The design of the water channel system is based on four requirements the cooling line should be as balanced as possible.

High Precision Mold Manufacturing

The water cooling line shall not interfere with other mechanisms. Each water channel line shall be displayed with identification numbers or marks in and out. The accuracy of the mold cavity number or the accuracy of the parting line will directly affect the size of the product. Firstly, we need to make the manufacturing process plan and flow chart. Each completed manufacturing process must be fully inspected and the data inspection list must be recorded in the datasheet.

After the manufacturing is completed, the workpiece shall be processed and maintained. The design of the parting line of plastic mold is also an important part. If the design is not reasonable, the part is not easy to demouding or even damage the mold. Here are the design principles for the parting line of mold. It is convenient to eject out the plastic part and simplify the structure of the plastic mold.

After the demoulding direction is selected, the position of the parting line should make the plastic part fall done without any interference, like sliders, etc. For the plastic part with high coaxiality accuracy, the parting line should be selected at the position where two diameters can be placed on the lower mold or upper mold at the same time.

When the precision of the plastic part along the height direction is required to be high, the half overflow cavity should be used.

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If the transverse flash is formed at the parting line, it is easy to ensure the height precision, while the non-overflow cavity is not easy to ensure. When the radial dimension accuracy is high, the influence of flash thickness on the accuracy of the plastic part should be considered, as shown in the figure. If the vertical parting of plastic parts is easy to ensure, the horizontal profile is difficult to control due to the thickness of the flash, which affects the accuracy of plastic parts.

Ensure the appearance of the plastic part, it shall be easy to clean the flash and not easy to damage the appearance.

The flash produced by the parting surface as shown in the figure shall be easy to clean and not easy to damage the appearance of the plastic part.We provide timely, high precision mold components to help to improve the efficiency of your injection molds and die casting.

Founded inDEK has been one of the leading mold components suppliers in the world. DEK is a uniquely structured company providing mold components and custom-made services to customers worldwide in a broad variety of industries.

As a leading precision mold components supplier, we offer products and services that will enable customers to improve their business bottom lines. DEK continuously develops and invests in new products, and we never stop improving the quality of our product, use advanced production technologies and a strict control system to ensure high quality. This is how we differentiate ourselves from the competition and is also why we can remain on top of the industry for so many years.

Our mold components are widely used in the plastic injection mold, die casting, metal stamping dies, hot runner system, etc. These high-quality mold components help many enterprises around the world to improve the production efficiency and reduce costs.

In addition to supplying standard mold components, we also provide a variety of customized processing services. In addition, our experienced engineers can provide design and application suggestions for your special mold components. For standard mold parts, we have a big stock, usually will send out within 1 day. For customized products, we have a full series machine and knowledgeable staff, can finish producing in a short time.

high precision molds

Partner with us to streamline your product delivery, and shorten your lead times. DEK is a one-stop manufacturer that has round and square parts manufacturing capabilities. Our extensive range of capabilities and continued investment in technologies ensure that you can get all mold components in one place, reduce your numbers of suppliers, reduce your worries, so you can keep focus on developing the business.

DEK has a full range of production equipment, ultra-precision testing equipment, experienced technical engineers, and a variety of products, which can help you improve the quality of mold and speed up your business. Contact us now! For your next mold components. Specialize in manufacturing and supply high precision mold components.

Precision Mold Components Supplier Since in 2002.

Skip to content. Precision Mold Components Supplier Since in Get A Quotation. Request For Quote. Ejector Pins. Ejector Sleeves. Guide Pins.In the debate to determine the right number of cavities per mold, melt-rotation technology bolsters the case for high-cavitation molds. The last century's greatest advancement in injection molding was the advent of the reciprocating screw. This - along with further developments in equipment, process control, molding techniques and plastic materials - significantly improved the consistency of the melt delivered to the mold.

However, these advancements do nothing to address the cavity-to-cavity variations developed within a multi-cavity mold. It is now known that homogenous melt conditions and precise delivery of the melt to the mold are completely nullified by a branching runner. Could solving the mystery of the runner be the secret to molding high-precision parts in high-cavitation molds? In the past, parts molded of plastics were thought to be inferior to the parts produced from more traditional materials.

Discoveries and developments that improved processes, plastic materials and design have eroded this belief. In particular, the development of the reciprocating screw machine, advancements in screw design, process control and plastic material technology have significantly improved the consistency of the melt delivered from the molding machine.

But the consistency stops at the molding machine. As the molten material leaves the nozzle and enters into the mold's runner system, variations are developed in all multi-cavity molds - whether using hot or cold runners.

The true source of the variations was not understood. The result was that the industry accepted the resultant limitations and restricted itself to producing high-precision parts in molds with four or fewer cavities. But, as the reciprocating screw opened new opportunities for injection molding, the recognition of shear-induced imbalances - and recent melt rotation methods to address them - introduces new opportunities and leaves cause to reevaluate old traditions.

The study of polymer physics has led to discoveries that have isolated the primary cause of cavity-to-cavity variations. We now realize that product variations are resulting from significant inconsistencies in the melt entering the different cavities. A mold with perfectly duplicated cavities, fed by perfectly duplicated and geometrically balanced gates and runners, provided with perfectly uniform cooling and fed by perfectly homogenous melt will still produce parts with significant variations within a single shot.

high precision molds

The source of this problem is the development of high- and low-shear regions across a runner see Figure 1. Studies have shown that the shear-induced variation developed in a mold's runner system is the major cause of product variations in multi-cavity molds. The high-shear regions around the perimeter of a runner cause the melt in these outer laminates to be significantly hotter and have a much lower viscosity than the material laminates in the center of the flow channel.

When utilizing the traditional geometrically balanced runner, as the melt splits at the first runner branch, a side-to-side variation is created within the secondary runner see Figure 2. When the melt splits again at the next runner branch, this unevenly heated melt is sent to the downstream cavities at unequal temperatures, pressures and viscosities. The result is that all of the consistencies provided by the reciprocating screw, the process control, the perfect mold and the optimized plastic material are lost.

This causes the cavities to fill unevenly and will produce parts with different sizes, weights, cosmetics and mechanical properties. Prior to the recent mapping of actual melt flow conditions in a runner, it made sense to stick with numerous low-cavitation molds.

Using the common methods of attempting to balance flow - modifying gate or runner sizes, changing runner layout, blocking off cavities or adjusting drop temperature in hot runner systems - it made sense to limit the number of cavities in order to keep possible mold manipulations to a minimum.

Now that shear-induced variation has been exposed see MoldMaking Technology magazine, Exposing the Mold Gremlin, Part IMarchand Exposing the Mold Gremlin, Part IISeptember and virtually eliminated by means of melt-rotation technology see Figure 3the case for high cavitation has been strengthened and justifies reconsideration. More Mold, Less Variation In the January issue of MoldMaking Technology magazine, industry consultant John Bozzelli, principal of Injection Molding Solutions Midland, MIpresents a strong argument for the continued use of low cavitation, saying that the decision to jump to a higher cavitation mold cannot be based on the bottom line alone.

high precision molds

I agree with much of what he presents. However, the advantage of a well-designed and managed high-cavitation mold must not be discarded by the besieged U. In referencing some of my studies, Bozzelli indicates that one of the major problems of high-cavitation tooling is shear-induced imbalance. Some of these studies conducted at Penn State Erie, and published at ANTEC '98, conclude that 60 to 70 percent of product variation in multi-cavity molds is the result of shear imbalance, not variations in steel dimensions or mold cooling as we typically would think.

However, new melt rotation technology has proven to virtually eliminate these imbalances. The means of evaluating the source of variations in multi-cavity molds is fast and easy using the five-step process see MoldMaking Technology magazine, Exposing the Mold Gremlin, Part IISeptember We offer a wide range of mold technologies and options based on your part and development needs.

In addition to conventional single-face molds, NyproMold has extensive experience with complex high-cavitation mold technologies, including:.

Suitable for short runs of new part designs for initial testing and qualification, prototype molds can be completed in 2 to 6 weeks, depending on their complexity. Utilizing modular mold frames, NyproMold can rapidly build, test, and ship parts to your facility. Depending on your needs, you can purchase individual parts or the complete prototype mold. NyproMold blends product development needs with early production mold capability by using production-like gating, cooling, and ejection in the preproduction mold.

This allows for ongoing product and production capability development and optimization prior to production mold building. Pilot molds are built with some level of reusable components for integration into the production mold. Production molds are the culmination of the development process and are built based on the optimal design for the application. Designing and building high-quality production molds is the core of our business.

Once the design team completes the appropriate development steps, our manufacturing team uses an established step-by-step process and industry-leading CNC machining technology to build in quality.

This results in full interchangeability in mold components. Production molds range from one cavity to hundreds, depending on the application and production requirements.

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Skip to content. In addition to conventional single-face molds, NyproMold has extensive experience with complex high-cavitation mold technologies, including: Vertical rotating stack VRS Stack In-mold closing Unscrewing In-mold labeling In-mold assembly Insert molding Multi-shot with rotary plates Cube.

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